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So You Want To Start A Vintage Shop...

Another question I frequently get asked (besides how to start a milk glass collection) is advice on starting your own vintage shop.

First let me say, I am no expert! I've simply done what works for me. I followed my bliss every step of the way, and this is where it led me. Vintage picking is my passion, along with photography and styling. So I feel blessed that I get to do all three every day!

I can't quite predict what will work for you, but I've put together a few quick tips on getting started. I hope you find them helpful...

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Milk Glass: 101

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is: "How do I start a milk glass collection?"

So many of us love the look of milk glass, but are intimidated because we don't know "what's what."

Let me alleviate your fears right now. It's really pretty simple...

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